• Financial Planning & Evaluation
  • Expert Witness Consulting
  • Business Forecasting
  • Project Management
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

Providing Services to Secure a Brighter Financial Future

The ultimate goal is to substantially enhance your current business, financially, or to help you structure new business ventures through planning and execution; however, navigating and evaluating alternatives can be challenging. It takes a great deal of analytical sense and patience when it comes to effective financial and strategic planning. Let Benefield Consulting Services be the one to help you reach your goals.


Benefield Consulting Services  specialize in providing expert consultation to help clients grow their businesses through market analysis or to define their short and long term strategic plans and goals.


Benefield Consulting is experienced in identifying opportunities to improve margins by enhancing revenues and/or reducing costs.


Curt Benefield, President of Benefield Consulting, has worked closely with various lawfirms providing expert opinion reports and testimony for cases in the asphalt and petroleum refining industries.


Benefield Consulting will help you identify the correct path for your business, whether it involves an alliance with a supplier or customer, a sale of assets or a key asset acquisition.

"Curt has consulted for us on several projects with great results. His knowledge of the oil industry along with his unquestionable integrity has opened many doors for our company."

Charles Reilly, CEO Ponderosa Petroleum

"Curt has played an important role in orchestrating a mutually benefieical supply and processing arrangement between ARTC and an independent refining and marketing company. His knowledgeof the industry and communication skills has been invaluable and contributed greatly to completion of the deal."

Ed Schroeder, CEO Asphalt Refining and Technology Company